A Nation in Need of Redemption

First they came for the road, then air, and then rail… While the security situation in Nigeria yearns for effective intervention, Nigerians desperately need redemption from wickedness, bitterness, and a proclivity for irresponsible deflection of responsibility … More A Nation in Need of Redemption

The Bad Bad West

“How una dey na? Una hear about the katakata for Zaria?” “O boy! I hear am oh. Heard that the Army went up against a Shia group” “What are you guys talking about? “See this bros oh! U no hear say some people get mind attack Chief of Army Staff. Now Army wan use them … More The Bad Bad West

My Father Doesn’t Care

One of my students in the final secondary school level spoke the words above. Although these words were spoken in a rural area in northern Nigeria, they are representative of the educational inclination of a considerable number of parents across Nigeria.

Free Kids

The animated movie “Free Birds” is an eponym for the title of this article. However, whereas the movie covers the liberation of turkeys from Thanksgiving meals, this article highlights a form of pseudo-liberation that is in effect a form of bondage. … More Free Kids