A Game of Russian Roulette called Parenting

The kids of today are not different from us; they just have easier platforms to self-destruct and we need to find effective ways of communicating with them. If the best parenting techniques can still yield a “bad child”, why should any parent take things to chance and even facilitate bad behaviours? … More A Game of Russian Roulette called Parenting

Clash of the Titans

A child is born; the parents are elated, and begin their responsibility of nurturing that baby to adulthood. As the child grows, its drive for freedom clashes with the parents’ protective instincts. If both parties cannot properly communicate their thoughts, a clash begins—a clash that can easily widen the gulf between them and make every prior good memory meaningless. … More Clash of the Titans

Free Kids

The animated movie “Free Birds” is an eponym for the title of this article. However, whereas the movie covers the liberation of turkeys from Thanksgiving meals, this article highlights a form of pseudo-liberation that is in effect a form of bondage. … More Free Kids