Project 10,000 Kids

In a country where millions of citizens have access to smartphones of different grades, but few have real ICT skills, an organization has come up with a plan to change the status quo, and inspire the next generation to develop ICT skills. That organization is ACI, with its Project 10,000 Kids.

Free Kids

The animated movie “Free Birds” is an eponym for the title of this article. However, whereas the movie covers the liberation of turkeys from Thanksgiving meals, this article highlights a form of pseudo-liberation that is in effect a form of bondage. … More Free Kids

Durrhhs and Winddowws

Every generation has its nuances that define a large percentage of the members of that generation. Each day, one trend gradually catches up with a society, as another trend gradually fades away into the obscurity of “one-time-important” trends. Amongst other things, this generation is definitely the generation of “Durrhh!”