Jonah – A Disjointed Summary

My name is Jonah Ibiamagabara, a Nigerian from the Okrika tribe in the coastal plains. I have always been seen as a jack-of-all-trades, and I stayed true to my trade throughout my days at Federal Government College Port Harcourt, Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife and Cranfield University. I also think I am pretty good at relating with people (still getting better). Maybe that’s why they have honoured me with a string of awards including: “Most Talented Student”, “Most Influential Male”, “FYB of the Year”, “Most Supportive Member” and other laurels. I guess people see something good in me.

In case you are wondering if you have seen this face before, you probably have. I was on the hot seat of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Nigerian Version) in 2013 and walked away with a paltry sum. Trust me, that seat was really hot! I am a Christian; proud to be one, and happy at the changes God has, and is still doing in my life. I am blessed to be married to a really sweet, smart and beautiful lady, and work with her everyday to maintain and build upon the love we share.

Lastly, I like to read stuff and I use this blog to comment on a diverse range of issues. So, be my guest. Feel free to connect and engage.


Jonah – The Friend

Friends say they see me as a smart and funny teammate. I try to be jocular, sometimes a little too much, but it’s just me trying to be friendly and ensure a tranquil environment. I am passionate about helping the society as I recognise that whatever privilege I have enjoyed or will enjoy, provides an opportunity for me to be a blessing to others who have not enjoyed such privilege. I abide by four principles—excellence, learning, teamwork, and gratitude.

Jonah – The Professional

I have my background in engineering, which has helped me approach issues with an analytic mind focused on creating innovative solutions. Engagement in different activities across a diverse range of organisations has nurtured a skillset that cuts across technical and managerial areas. I bring enthusiasm and commitment to work engagements, with a knowledge-driven approach that is fuelled by my depth and breadth of insight on topical issues across engineering, healthcare, project management and economics. I have developed core leadership skills bolstered by a commitment to time management and proper planning, which I view as essential for success.

Colleagues have commended me as a “born problem solver” who sees a problem and goes all the way to get it fixed, hence, the nickname, “Mr Fix It”. I recognise my limitations, set goals, and remain in an iterative development loop, continually seeking to become a better version of myself. Check out my work experience on LinkedIn.