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On Becoming A Father

On Becoming A Father

As secondary school students, we were taught about “metamorphosis”— the full lifecycle of insects such as butterflies that sees them transform from eggs to larva, pupa, and then adults. Although the term “metamorphosis” was not used in describing the human journey from birth to adulthood, the circle of life is surely a journey of staged transformations. However, unlike the butterfly that largely has no say in its metamorphosis, humans make choices that influence the outcome of each transformation; for example, a man can decide whether to be a mere sperm contributor or a father.

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The Next Big Furniture Maker

Dreams come in various shapes and sizes. They range from the good, the bad, the bizarre, and the incredulous. Dreams constitute an important factor that has propelled many “ordinary” individuals into the realm of achievers. However, a dream is meaningless without direction and a zeal to work towards it. That is why many persons never transcend from mere dreamers to achievers.

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