Grace and Another Birthday

A popular hymn says we should “Count your blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”. Many Christians sing the words, but I wonder how many of us understand that you can only count as a blessing what you acknowledge is a blessing, or that you can only show gratitude for something if you do not feel entitled to it. With this settled, this birthday article begins.

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Underachievement Has A Face Draped In Green

Achievements are an extremely subjective sphere of discussion; so nebulous that any attempt to discuss them should first try to define an acceptable framework, yet whatever framework is crafted could still be argued as unfair by some. This applies to almost everything, including countries, though for sovereign confines, we may borrow from businesses to define “national imperative” as the requirement for nations to perpetually seek the betterment of their people to match or exceed other nations with similar endowments and constrictions. It is on this basis that we will judge Nigeria at 62.

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2021: A New Beginning?

Without any concrete data, I am inclined to think that 2020 was a year most persons on earth desperately wanted to end as quickly as possible. Its 366 days seemed so intensely packed with events and a decimation of whatever was thought “normal”, totally upending life as many persons knew it, and forcing us to accept things that in “saner” years would have been deemed unacceptable. However, while we are likely to eye the world’s famous billionaires whose wealth increased in leaps, not everyone had a bad year. Just like any other arbitrary time periods defined by humanity, 2020 had a mix of the good, bad, and ugly.

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Nigeria at 60: A Thousand Words in a Graph

On 1 October 1960, the landmass internationally known as Nigeria was granted independence by its erstwhile “colonial masters”, setting the stage for a journey that has now spanned sixty years. There are already a tonne of viewpoints and articles evaluating the sexagenarian with in-depth analysis, but I have chosen a different route. Instead of making a judgement call, I would present data and let you decide how Nigeria fared over six decades. After all, they say “a [graph] is worth a thousand words”.

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A Look at 2016

It’s already the first of January. Another 365 days has passed; 366 if we consider that 2016 was a leap year. Like every other year, 2016 had its highs and lows, times of rejoicing, and times when we wondered if things could ever get worse. Despite all that happened, the important thing is that we pulled through the bad times and immersed ourselves in the joys of the good times. As the usual annual greetings continue around the world, here’s 2016 summarized from my viewpoint. First, let me say, “Happy New Year”. Continue reading “A Look at 2016”