2015: A Review

How long is 365 days? If the year 2015 is a good example, then 365 days is very short. January 1, 2015 feels like yesterday. Yet, 2015 witnessed many events, some, whose influence will be felt in 2016. As we celebrate this New Year, here’s my review of the year we just left behind.

My 2014

Happy New Year! It’s 2015, fresh, a clean slate, never experienced before. Whether you entered the New Year in a religious mode, or at home sleeping, in a bar emptying bottles, in a park (or street) shooting or watching fireworks, or anything else, welcome to 2015.

Going! Going!! 2014!!!

Seasons come, and seasons go. A little while ago, we were screaming “Happy New Year”, basking in the euphoria of a recently introduced year known as 2014. It’s already 365 days since fireworks illuminated the night sky in various countries, heralding the arrival of the Year 2014.