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The Big Man in Us

Do you know any person who used to complain about an alcoholic father, but is now an alcoholic? Or, maybe it’s someone who complained about a terrible boss, but is now competing for that title? Maybe you know a woman who always complained about her mother-in-law, but is now doing to her daughter-in-law the very things she used to whine about. I have seen a quote that says “we become what we hate”. However, I disagree. Maybe it’s not that we become what we hate, but that what we hate might be the default “normal” for humans, and we ought to actively seek to be different rather than merely complain.

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“Not for Sale”: The Dysfunctional Normal

We begin this article with two quotes that should set the stage, and may even be adequate as a concise summary for the day.

“Man [Nigeria] is not suffering by external forces as much as his [its] own dysfunctional mind and self inflicted negative stimulus.”

Aditya Ajmera

“When a big vision meets a dysfunctional system, the dysfunctional system wins every time. Fix the system and success will flourish!”

Daren Martin
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Celebrating an Elusive Change

“Gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam!” May 29, 2015, the military’s parade drums heralded the entry of Muhammadu Buhari, former military head of state, now executive President of the Unitarily Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the course of the election campaigns, he and the APC had offered Nigerians a new era. That promise of “change” was reinforced in his inspiring inauguration speech. 366 days after Buhari’s triumphant entry, Nigerians wait for a change that still eludes them. Continue reading “Celebrating an Elusive Change”

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Changing the Change that Changed the Change

When political parties choose slogans, it is expected that some form of intellectual energy is expended in the search for a worthy slogan. A party’s slogan captures its essence (real or make-believe). For years, the People’s Democratic Party blasted the airwaves with “Power to the People”. Now, a year after being knocked off its pedestal, the PDP wants to “Change the Change”. Continue reading “Changing the Change that Changed the Change”


Troublers of Nigeria

Nigeria is troubled on every side, and very distressed. Events have severely perplexed Africa’s Giant, yet it tries not to despair. The numerous troubles and the troublers behind them continue to hold back Nigeria’s potential. When we hear “troublers of Nigeria”, our minds usually head towards the usual suspects, a “cabal”, or towards some violent groups. Unfortunately, the Association of Nigerian Troublers has many “unusual” members in its fold. Continue reading “Troublers of Nigeria”

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#ParisAttacks: Lessons for Nigeria

The Paris attacks have come and gone, leaving in their wake a trail of blood—hundreds dead, hundreds more injured, and many more traumatized by the sad incident. Days after the attacks in Paris, bombs went off in the Nigerian cities of Kano and Yola. This time, the murderous Boko Haram group, in line with their oath of allegiance to the demonic ISIL, chose to continue their reign of terror with attacks on “soft targets” in public places. Continue reading “#ParisAttacks: Lessons for Nigeria”

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Change or Continuity?

Many persons who see the title of this article would quickly assume that the article is about the two main contending parties in Nigeria—the PDP and the APC. I am too happy to burst many persons’ bubbles. This article is not about the campaign slogan of any political party. Rather, it is about the glaring culture of the Nigerian people.  Continue reading “Change or Continuity?”