Celebrating an Elusive Change

“Gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam!” May 29, 2015, the military’s parade drums heralded the entry of Muhammadu Buhari, former military head of state, now executive President of the Unitarily Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the course of the election campaigns, he and the APC had offered Nigerians a new era. That promise of “change” … More Celebrating an Elusive Change

Changing the Change that Changed the Change

When political parties choose slogans, it is expected that some form of intellectual energy is expended in the search for a worthy slogan. A party’s slogan captures its essence (real or make-believe). For years, the People’s Democratic Party blasted the airwaves with “Power to the People”. Now, a year after being knocked off its pedestal, … More Changing the Change that Changed the Change

Troublers of Nigeria

Nigeria is troubled on every side, and very distressed. Events have severely perplexed Africa’s Giant, yet it tries not to despair. The numerous troubles and the troublers behind them continue to hold back Nigeria’s potential. When we hear “troublers of Nigeria”, our minds usually head towards the usual suspects, a “cabal”, or towards some violent … More Troublers of Nigeria

Change or Continuity?

We want better roads, but we are not ready to drive safely on them, with proper documents. We want jobs, but we are not ready to diligently put in our best. We want an improved educational system, but we would not inspire our children to study hard. We want orderliness, yet, queue jumping is our watchword.
Is it change we really want or continuity? Change must be all-round—a complete transformation of every small bit that makes up Nigeria. If we do not internalize change, Nigeria at best, would become a fresh-scenting grave. … More Change or Continuity?