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Change Begins with Buhari

​“Before you ask, ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask, ‘how far have I changed my ways’”.

These words were spoken by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, as he launched “Change Begins with Me”, a campaign aimed at changing Nigerians.  Continue reading “Change Begins with Buhari”


Senior Advocates and a Certificate

What is the second largest movie industry in the world? Nollywood! The Nigerian counterpart of America’s blockbuster industry is an undisputable ambassador of Nigerian-ness. If literature truly mirrors life, then Nollywood dramas can be said to mirror the Nigerian life. For Nollywood, apologies to Kunle Afolayan and similar divergents, movies are dramas in multiple parts. This multi-section drama culture is playing out in Nigerian politics, the latest part being Buhari’s school certificate saga. Continue reading “Senior Advocates and a Certificate”

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Celebrating an Elusive Change

“Gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam!” May 29, 2015, the military’s parade drums heralded the entry of Muhammadu Buhari, former military head of state, now executive President of the Unitarily Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the course of the election campaigns, he and the APC had offered Nigerians a new era. That promise of “change” was reinforced in his inspiring inauguration speech. 366 days after Buhari’s triumphant entry, Nigerians wait for a change that still eludes them. Continue reading “Celebrating an Elusive Change”

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Changing the Change that Changed the Change

When political parties choose slogans, it is expected that some form of intellectual energy is expended in the search for a worthy slogan. A party’s slogan captures its essence (real or make-believe). For years, the People’s Democratic Party blasted the airwaves with “Power to the People”. Now, a year after being knocked off its pedestal, the PDP wants to “Change the Change”. Continue reading “Changing the Change that Changed the Change”

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The New Opposition

Recently, I chanced upon a TV programme in which contemporary national political issues were being discussed. Much of the discourse filtered through my ears except for one statement that struck me. One of the panellist said, “Nigerians are the new Opposition”.  That statement is the seed for this article. Continue reading “The New Opposition”

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It’s Time to Move Forward

I must begin by congratulating General Muhammadu Buhari for his victory at the presidential election. For a long time, America’s Abraham Lincoln has been projected as an example of repeated failures not signalling defeat. Today, Buhari has made history, and people would say, “Don’t give up on your dream. Like Buhari, if you fail the first time, try again. Keep trying until you succeed.” As Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo would say, “It is not over until you win!” Continue reading “It’s Time to Move Forward”

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Structures for Real Change

The first set of elections is about three weeks away. There is so much apprehension among Nigerians. The PDP has held the reins of power for 16 years. Within that time, they claim to have improved the lot of Nigerians. However, quite a number of Nigerians say the PDP has worsened the lot of the average Nigerian, largely benefiting the elites.

The APC have presented themselves as saviours of Nigeria. They have smoothly packaged themselves as the long wished-for knights in shining armour, asking Nigerians to ignore the fact that a large number of their members are former PDP cronies. Many Nigerians, desperately seeking a breath of fresh air are looking at the APC for a wind of change. However, can there be real change without the enabling structures for change? Continue reading “Structures for Real Change”

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Celebration of Intolerance

This article’s caption may appear at first sight to be a misnomer. However, a deeper look shows its validity in today’s world. Intolerance is not just accepted by many individuals. It has gone beyond mere acceptance to the point where it is celebrated. Taking a cue from the TV show, “Orange is the new black”, intolerance is the new political virtue. Continue reading “Celebration of Intolerance”