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Senior Advocates and a Certificate

Senior Advocates and a Certificate

What is the second largest movie industry in the world? Nollywood! The Nigerian counterpart of America’s blockbuster industry is an undisputable ambassador of Nigerian-ness. If literature truly mirrors life, then Nollywood dramas can be said to mirror the Nigerian life. For Nollywood, apologies to Kunle Afolayan and similar divergents, movies are dramas in multiple parts. This multi-section drama culture is playing out in Nigerian politics, the latest part being Buhari’s school certificate saga. Continue reading “Senior Advocates and a Certificate”


In every society, there are usually some persons who are viewed as role models or mentors. These persons are usually paragons of leadership. They are elders, statesmen, expected to show the light to the rest of society. Their words and actions can easily influence events in society. Decorum and wisdom is therefore expected to be their watchword. Hence, it is a thing of sadness when a statesman makes a gaffe and utters statements unbecoming of his status. Continue reading “Tribalocracy”

It’s Time to Move Forward

I must begin by congratulating General Muhammadu Buhari for his victory at the presidential election. For a long time, America’s Abraham Lincoln has been projected as an example of repeated failures not signalling defeat. Today, Buhari has made history, and people would say, “Don’t give up on your dream. Like Buhari, if you fail the first time, try again. Keep trying until you succeed.” As Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo would say, “It is not over until you win!” Continue reading “It’s Time to Move Forward”

Voting For Jesus

The 2015 Election is less than 48 hours away. The different candidates have gone through a gruelling and somewhat evocative campaign to imprint their names and party logos in the minds of voters. The umpire, INEC, has most certainly already printed the ballot papers. For some Nigerians however, their candidate’s logo is not on the ballot paper. They are “voting for Jesus”. Continue reading “Voting For Jesus”

Yes! We’re Getting There

Yesterday, for the first time in the history of the resource-rich Rivers State, a debate was held for the top contenders for the office of the Governor. Unlike the presidential debate, the three leading candidates took this debate serious enough to be present. The debate marked a watershed moment in the state, hopefully heralding the dawn of a new era. Continue reading “Yes! We’re Getting There”

When Voters Deceive Themselves

In less than three weeks, Nigerians would troop out to various polling units to cast their votes for the presidential and national assembly candidates. Two weeks after that, they will troop out once more. This time, to choose among a diverse crop of governorship and state assemblies’ candidates. As the Election Day approaches, all stakeholders are involved in a beehive of activities. Campaigns have taken every possible form, with various candidates making fantastic promises. With the perceived gullibility of many voters, some would wonder whether Nigerians are wired with an intrinsic ability to deceive themselves. Continue reading “When Voters Deceive Themselves”

Structures for Real Change

The first set of elections is about three weeks away. There is so much apprehension among Nigerians. The PDP has held the reins of power for 16 years. Within that time, they claim to have improved the lot of Nigerians. However, quite a number of Nigerians say the PDP has worsened the lot of the average Nigerian, largely benefiting the elites.

The APC have presented themselves as saviours of Nigeria. They have smoothly packaged themselves as the long wished-for knights in shining armour, asking Nigerians to ignore the fact that a large number of their members are former PDP cronies. Many Nigerians, desperately seeking a breath of fresh air are looking at the APC for a wind of change. However, can there be real change without the enabling structures for change? Continue reading “Structures for Real Change”