Senior Advocates and a Certificate

What is the second largest movie industry in the world? Nollywood! The Nigerian counterpart of America’s blockbuster industry is an undisputable ambassador of Nigerian-ness. If literature truly mirrors life, then Nollywood dramas can be said to mirror the Nigerian life. For Nollywood, apologies to Kunle Afolayan and similar divergents, movies are dramas in multiple parts. … More Senior Advocates and a Certificate


In every society, elder statesmen, as role models are expected to show the light to the rest of the society. Decorum is expected to be their watchword since their words and actions can easily influence societal events. Sadly, a respected statesman has mixed tribalism with democracy, in a threat that should not have been thought of at all. … More Tribalocracy

It’s Time to Move Forward

The long-awaited Nigerian presidential election has come and resulted in a change in the ruling party. General Muhammadu Buhari would be sworn in as President Goodluck Jonathan’s replacement. While many Nigerians celebrate, we must not be under any illusion that this is the end. This is just the beginning of a long journey to reposition Nigeria—a journey that would require unity, the input of all Nigerians irrespective of ethnic, religious or political affiliation. … More It’s Time to Move Forward

Much Ado about PVCs

In a country plagued with a history of election rigging, the PVC-card reader system was eagerly seen as a magic silver bullet to end rigging and entrench a culture of clean elections. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The new system has failed in its debut, but not all hope is lost. The present challenges can be surmounted, and Nigerians would get the free-and-fair polls they long for. It just may not be in this election. … More Much Ado about PVCs

Voting For Jesus

The 2015 Election is less than 48 hours away. The different candidates have gone through a gruelling and somewhat evocative campaign to imprint their names and party logos in the minds of voters. The umpire, INEC, has most certainly already printed the ballot papers. For some Nigerians however, their candidate’s logo is not on the … More Voting For Jesus

Change or Continuity?

We want better roads, but we are not ready to drive safely on them, with proper documents. We want jobs, but we are not ready to diligently put in our best. We want an improved educational system, but we would not inspire our children to study hard. We want orderliness, yet, queue jumping is our watchword.
Is it change we really want or continuity? Change must be all-round—a complete transformation of every small bit that makes up Nigeria. If we do not internalize change, Nigeria at best, would become a fresh-scenting grave. … More Change or Continuity?

When Voters Deceive Themselves

In a classic case of words and body language differing from visible actions, Nigerians say one thing with their lips while doing things that contradict those words. We say we want good governance. Yet, we ask for monetary inducement in return for our votes. This hypocrisy must end if we want to make progress in this country. Only voters with a clear conscience can hold public office holders accountable for failed promises. … More When Voters Deceive Themselves

Structures for Real Change

The Nigerian ship is in a dismal state. Expectedly, Nigerians seek a better condition, hence the proclivity for political parties to adopt campaign slogans such as “change” and “transformation”. However, for there to be real change in this country, some structures need to be put in place. Such structures would guide Nigeria from a place of mere wishful thinking to a place of fulfilled dreams. … More Structures for Real Change