When A Friend Gets COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic may seem a distant event until it reaches someone close. You can spew all the data you want about the number infected globally, mortality rates, age-adjusted risk, etc., but when a friend gets COVID-19, you realise the data is now human. … More When A Friend Gets COVID-19

Foolish Trust

During the past week, in the midst of the election frenzy, Nigerians had their ears filled with a sad story—a newly hired nanny had abducted the little kids she was supposed to take care of. A similar incident had occurred about four months ago. It’s a sad reminder of a generation where trust appears to … More Foolish Trust


In every society, elder statesmen, as role models are expected to show the light to the rest of the society. Decorum is expected to be their watchword since their words and actions can easily influence societal events. Sadly, a respected statesman has mixed tribalism with democracy, in a threat that should not have been thought of at all. … More Tribalocracy

The Bus Parliament

Every day, millions of Nigerians use commercial buses to get to their various destinations. Most times, the buses are quiet all through the journey, but sometimes, passengers engage in discussions on issues of common interest. Here’s my recount of one of such discussions—the Bus Parliament. … More The Bus Parliament