Ramblings of a Newly-Informed Novice

Travelling on Nigeria’s many formerly smooth roads is quite an experience. While I enjoy the changing scenery as buses, cars and trucks deftly navigate through cities, towns, villages and uninhabited stretches, my knees and bum groan at the torture they are forced to endure for hours without end. In between bouts of sleep, I listen to discussions by fellow passengers. Here are a few things I learnt from a recent trip. Continue reading “Ramblings of a Newly-Informed Novice”


The Bus Parliament [2]

You need to first read Part 1.

Then, it seemed Mr. A suddenly remembered that the ongoing session was triggered by the radio caller, and he abruptly burst in, “Thunder fire that guy. Before I talk your papa, now take, your mama.” “All these small boys that manage to buy recharge card and don’t know anything about the country”. Mr. D tried to let him see that the caller only made known his point of view, which he was entitled to.  Continue reading “The Bus Parliament [2]”


The Bus Parliament

Diversity is an attribute that makes a parliament interesting and intriguing. Individuals with different backgrounds coming together to discuss issues that affect them and the people they represent. Many parliaments would envy the diversity of a bus’ passengers—individuals picked randomly from different points along a route, not held back by party allegiance. Continue reading “The Bus Parliament”