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A Nation in Need of Redemption

In November 2018, over 100 Nigerian soldiers were gruesomely slaughtered at a town called Metele by a contingent of Boko Haram terrorists. That sad event influenced an article in which I argued that losing that many soldiers in one sitting should mark a turning point in existing attempts to exterminate the murderous gang. But Metele was brushed aside and almost four years later, Nigeria continues to face existential threats to its continued existence and a loss of faith by citizens that the people who should know, know what they should know.

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Metele: A Fork in History?

It is no longer news that Nigeria got screwed in the week of 18 November 2018. This article was triggered by a grievous tweet. My country just lost over 100 trained soldiers in one week. That’s enough to upset me.

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​The Murder of My Alma Mater

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”. This admonition by Virgil was inspired by one of humanity’s most famous acts of treachery—the Trojan horse left at the gates of Troy. What was thought to be a gift was in fact the beginning of the end for Troy. The Trojan horse tactic has been reproduced severally throughout history, although not exactly with a wooden horse. Sometimes, the famous horse may be in the form of government policy, one of such potential policies being the new fee structure for Nigeria’s unity colleges.  Continue reading “​The Murder of My Alma Mater”


A World of Double Standards

The media is awash with reports of President Buhari’s trip to the United States of America. Among all the reasons for this diplomatic visit, one important reason has turned out to be a waste of time. The American government is sticking to its stand that it won’t sell weapons to Nigeria. Continue reading “A World of Double Standards”

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Authority without Responsibility

As an engineering undergraduate student, one of the requisite courses at my institution was a course on management. Industrial Law & Management introduced students to the ethos of management, our very own undergraduate “MBA” course. That little glimpse left a lasting impression on some of us.

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The Bus Parliament [2]

You need to first read Part 1.

Then, it seemed Mr. A suddenly remembered that the ongoing session was triggered by the radio caller, and he abruptly burst in, “Thunder fire that guy. Before I talk your papa, now take, your mama.” “All these small boys that manage to buy recharge card and don’t know anything about the country”. Mr. D tried to let him see that the caller only made known his point of view, which he was entitled to.  Continue reading “The Bus Parliament [2]”