In Memory of Eleven Million Missing Nigerians

In the Bible, Jesus gave a parable about a person who lost one sheep out of a hundred. This person could not accept the loss of even one sheep—one percent of his sheep. He went out to find it, and rejoiced at its discovery. This parable tallies with the “no one left behind” policy of … More In Memory of Eleven Million Missing Nigerians

Evil in the Towers

Developed countries attained their present status by making the best of their human resources, and training them to become productive members of their respective societies. In Nigeria, despite the hubbub about moving from third world to first world status, our human capital development strategy is abysmal. Why else would our ivory towers be bastions of … More Evil in the Towers

Education’s Relative Value

At face value, education is “hyped” as being very important. Civil society organisations and other groups routinely buttress the value of education, especially in sub-Saharan Africa where millions are related to poverty. Even the usually detached government has decreed compulsory basic education. Despite all the uproar about education, some persons still see it as valueless. … More Education’s Relative Value

My Father Doesn’t Care

One of my students in the final secondary school level spoke the words above. Although these words were spoken in a rural area in northern Nigeria, they are representative of the educational inclination of a considerable number of parents across Nigeria.

Education meets Culture

Different cultures have diverse mindsets about education. Sometimes, these views are convergent; at other times, they are as divergent as parallel lines that can never meet no matter the reference direction. In Nigeria, the various approaches to education from the North to the South span diverse shades of the colour spectrum, from black at one … More Education meets Culture