The Lonely Road to Excellence

Imagine having perfect eyesight but lacking sense of smell, or having strong legs like Usain Bolt but dependent on a weak heart. That is what we get when different members of the society do not perform optimally. It does not have to be your father’s business for you to do your job well. … More The Lonely Road to Excellence

The Fast Way or the Stable Way?

In the course of an intensive week at the Lagos Business School, several speakers hammered on two possible life choices—one that prioritized making money and another that prioritized making impact. Their views quickly came to mind a day later when I encountered a lady who had already made her choice.

Who Deserves What?

We are all conceived in the same way. Sperm penetrates egg—in the darkness of the fallopian tube or in a brightly lit laboratory. A new life comes into existence. After spending months in a womb, a child is born. As the child exits the womb, the baby cries, while those around are filled with joy.