COVIDIOTS, COVID-19 and a Question of Trust

Deep-seated distrust of Federal, State, and Local Governments is hindering COVID-19 response measures in Nigeria. The Government should explore ways to let citizens know it’s in their best interest to join the fight … More COVIDIOTS, COVID-19 and a Question of Trust

Leaders of Never

“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” “Youths are the future leaders.” Presumably, every person older than a toddler has heard these quotes or any of their numerous cousins. It is ingrained in the human consciousness that every generation will at some point be replaced by a younger one. However, for many youths, tomorrow remains elusive, … More Leaders of Never

Much Ado about Cars

Someone once said that leadership involves leaders making sacrifices for the greater good of the organization, just as many parents deny themselves of certain rights and privileges in order to make a better life for their families. That someone obviously had no inkling of Nigerian leadership. In Nigeria, sacrifices are the exclusive preserve of the … More Much Ado about Cars

Rwanda: Symbol of a Dark Continent

“The Dark Continent”. The colonialists made this Africa’s tag while it laid subservient to their interests. Years after the last colonial flag was lowered, many Africans are yet to experience real freedom. Self-styled, faux messianic rulers continue to provide reasons to retain Africa’s degrading tag. Rwanda’s latest referendum aptly shows why Africa may still be … More Rwanda: Symbol of a Dark Continent


In every society, elder statesmen, as role models are expected to show the light to the rest of the society. Decorum is expected to be their watchword since their words and actions can easily influence societal events. Sadly, a respected statesman has mixed tribalism with democracy, in a threat that should not have been thought of at all. … More Tribalocracy

Change or Continuity?

We want better roads, but we are not ready to drive safely on them, with proper documents. We want jobs, but we are not ready to diligently put in our best. We want an improved educational system, but we would not inspire our children to study hard. We want orderliness, yet, queue jumping is our watchword.
Is it change we really want or continuity? Change must be all-round—a complete transformation of every small bit that makes up Nigeria. If we do not internalize change, Nigeria at best, would become a fresh-scenting grave. … More Change or Continuity?