The Unseen Burden of History

It was Laura Linney who described history as “a resource”, but many times, we gloss over history as some unplugged cousin that we have been forced to babysit, whereas we should be mining it for information. Sitting through a Zoom lecture, I just had an epiphany that hit me hard enough to get my laptop and start tapping in rhythm to the fresh insight coasting through my neurones.

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Continental Builders Called the African Youth

When I was contacted by an advocacy group, The Reformers, to join an online panel session on International Youth Day 2020 (12 August), I wondered why anyone would want to hear me talk about “The Role of African Youths in Building the Africa We Want”. Accepting their request laid the foundation for today’s article, which draws from my research and thoughts about the issues, blended with insights from other panellists and participants.

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Rwanda: Symbol of a Dark Continent

“The Dark Continent”. The colonialists made this Africa’s tag while it laid subservient to their interests. Years after the last colonial flag was lowered, many Africans are yet to experience real freedom. Self-styled, faux messianic rulers continue to provide reasons to retain Africa’s degrading tag. Rwanda’s latest referendum aptly shows why Africa may still be the Dark Continent. Continue reading “Rwanda: Symbol of a Dark Continent”


All Hail the “New” Republic

In a continent richly blessed with a repertoire of military dictatorships, past and present, Africans are used to hearing military decrees announced by sit-tight leaders, preceded by a lengthy list of military titles. This custom has now transcended the military domain, as pseudo-democratic rulers have made the issuance of decrees a pastime. One of such leaders has just given the world its newest Islamic Republic. Continue reading “All Hail the “New” Republic”