The Unseen Burden of History

It was Laura Linney who described history as “a resource”, but many times, we gloss over history as some unplugged cousin that we have been forced to babysit, whereas we should be mining it for information. Sitting through a Zoom lecture, I just had an epiphany that hit me hard enough to get my laptop and start tapping in rhythm to the fresh insight coasting through my neurones.

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Who Finding X Don Epp?

The only person who would not understand the title above is a person who neither speaks not understand Pidgin English (definitely not a Nigerian Nigerian!) For the benefit of anyone wondering whether there is a typo in the title, let’s rephrase it: “Who has finding X helped?” Anyone still confused may have never sat in a maths class where algebraic questions ask students to “find X”. So I ask again: Who finding X don epp? Continue reading “Who Finding X Don Epp?”