Of Easy Wins and Persistent Troubles

We cannot solve problems by always targeting low-hanging fruits. However, addressing the issues behind Nigeria’s troubles is really hard; requires a solid grasp of economics, political will to fix structural problems, and commitment to reforms that would transcend a single political tenure. And that is exactly why the issues remain. … More Of Easy Wins and Persistent Troubles

The Fast Way or the Stable Way?

In the course of an intensive week at the Lagos Business School, several speakers hammered on two possible life choices—one that prioritized making money and another that prioritized making impact. Their views quickly came to mind a day later when I encountered a lady who had already made her choice.

Leaders of Never

“Youths are the leaders of tomorrow.” “Youths are the future leaders.” Presumably, every person older than a toddler has heard these quotes or any of their numerous cousins. It is ingrained in the human consciousness that every generation will at some point be replaced by a younger one. However, for many youths, tomorrow remains elusive, … More Leaders of Never