COVIDIOTS, COVID-19 and a Question of Trust

Let me set the stage for this article by juxtaposing quotes from two American politicians.

“The real cost of corruption in government, whether it is local, state, or federal, is a loss of the public trust”

Mike Quigley

“We can only have true public safety with public trust”

Betsy Hodges
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Something to Think About

“There is so much that people take for granted”

— Vivienne Westwood

What does it mean to take something for granted? Does it mean to decide something is not worth being bothered about or not even remembering to think about something? A recent chat with a friend made me think about something few persons even bother about—online security.  Continue reading “Something to Think About”


Clash of the Titans

“Children are a heritage of the Lord”. So says a verse in the Bible. Every day, countless babies are born in various places around the world. The little baby’s tiny cries after exiting the womb bring joy to all around. The baby is the cynosure of its parents’ eyes. Who would even consider that some years down the line, there would be no love lost between them? Continue reading “Clash of the Titans”