Much Ado about PVCs

In a country plagued with a history of election rigging, the PVC-card reader system was eagerly seen as a magic silver bullet to end rigging and entrench a culture of clean elections. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride. The new system has failed in its debut, but not all hope is lost. The present challenges can be surmounted, and Nigerians would get the free-and-fair polls they long for. It just may not be in this election. … More Much Ado about PVCs

Voting For Jesus

The 2015 Election is less than 48 hours away. The different candidates have gone through a gruelling and somewhat evocative campaign to imprint their names and party logos in the minds of voters. The umpire, INEC, has most certainly already printed the ballot papers. For some Nigerians however, their candidate’s logo is not on the … More Voting For Jesus

The Wars before the Fight

Today’s article was inspired by a real life e-battle between learned colleagues of mine. These individuals spent six years together, peacefully attending lectures as students of the same department. Suddenly, battle lines have been drawn, and if not for the electronic nature of WhatsApp, some persons would have suffered unwarranted facial redesign.

PVC Wahala

At last, I have collected my permanent voter’s card (PVC). So, by INEC’s rules, I should be able to cast my vote next year, choosing between two sides of a coin.