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Change Begins with Buhari

​“Before you ask, ‘where is the change they promised us’, you must first ask, ‘how far have I changed my ways’”.

These words were spoken by Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, as he launched “Change Begins with Me”, a campaign aimed at changing Nigerians.  Continue reading “Change Begins with Buhari”


Of Naming Dogs and Unfree Speech

“You have freedom of speech before the speech, but I cannot guarantee freedom after the speech”. This sentence and different variants has been attributed to Uganda’s Idi Amin. Although one may not be certain if he actually said that, the sentence captures the attitude of many persons in a world that continues preaching the existence of free speech. Maybe free speech is real, or maybe it is a fantasy, and some speeches may just come with expensive price tags.

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​From Rio with Shame

Most sane persons subscribe to the view that proper planning is an essential ingredient in the successful execution of any task. Hence, such persons ensure the existence of a functional “drawing board” where plans are made and refined. The antithesis of this view is the theory that says one does not need to plan in order to succeed. Unfortunately, this view underpins the actions of much of Nigeria’s bureaucracy, and has fittingly rewarded Nigeria with shame, mined in Nigeria, refined in Rio.  Continue reading “​From Rio with Shame”


All Eyes on Paddington

Contemporary dictionaries list “Paddington” as “a surname”, “a district of London”, and “a railway station” in London”. However, seeing that some dictionaries have given special privilege to Nigeria, by providing another definition for “bunkering”, consistent with the Nigerian reality, it is time to extend such special status to “Paddington” to reflect its Nigerianness. 

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​Farmers’ Protection Force

Despite not being the largest mammals, humans are reputed for having the largest cerebral cortex to brain size ratio, and the least ratio of brain mass to body mass. The slushy mass of fluid and nerves provides humans with our greatest asset—the ability to outthink other living creatures. While some persons use this innate ability to “think out of the box” and creatively push the frontiers of thought, for some persons, even a one-inch-square box is too big a thinking space.  Continue reading “​Farmers’ Protection Force”

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​The Heaven Called Immunity

Intro: This piece is about the drive by federal lawmakers to grant themselves immunity from prosecution. Although this form of writing isn’t my forte, I felt like doing something different from my usual direct articles.

My name is Peter Mohammed Ifa. I am a full-blooded Nigerian representing my people, Nigeria Constituency I at the Senatorial Council of Representatives. On March 28, 2015, I made my people think they willingly chose me as their sole ambassador at the distinguished council. Since then, I and fellow council members have been on a journey to get heaven’s key.

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Just One of Those Days

Last night, after resting from the day’s church activities, I decided to write something—anything. Alas, my filled stomach conspired with the cool weather from the evening’s light rain to ensure that I drifted to sleep. This morning, I’ve once again picked my pen to write, but my brain is throwing so much information at me. Maybe I’ll just scribble anything and turn this into a mosaic of thoughts. Continue reading “Just One of Those Days”


Senior Advocates and a Certificate

What is the second largest movie industry in the world? Nollywood! The Nigerian counterpart of America’s blockbuster industry is an undisputable ambassador of Nigerian-ness. If literature truly mirrors life, then Nollywood dramas can be said to mirror the Nigerian life. For Nollywood, apologies to Kunle Afolayan and similar divergents, movies are dramas in multiple parts. This multi-section drama culture is playing out in Nigerian politics, the latest part being Buhari’s school certificate saga. Continue reading “Senior Advocates and a Certificate”

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Celebrating an Elusive Change

“Gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam, gbam!” May 29, 2015, the military’s parade drums heralded the entry of Muhammadu Buhari, former military head of state, now executive President of the Unitarily Federal Republic of Nigeria. In the course of the election campaigns, he and the APC had offered Nigerians a new era. That promise of “change” was reinforced in his inspiring inauguration speech. 366 days after Buhari’s triumphant entry, Nigerians wait for a change that still eludes them. Continue reading “Celebrating an Elusive Change”

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Changing the Change that Changed the Change

When political parties choose slogans, it is expected that some form of intellectual energy is expended in the search for a worthy slogan. A party’s slogan captures its essence (real or make-believe). For years, the People’s Democratic Party blasted the airwaves with “Power to the People”. Now, a year after being knocked off its pedestal, the PDP wants to “Change the Change”. Continue reading “Changing the Change that Changed the Change”