Just One of Those Days

Last night, after resting from the day’s church activities, I decided to write something—anything. Alas, my filled stomach conspired with the cool weather from the evening’s light rain to ensure that I drifted to sleep. This morning, I’ve once again picked my pen to write, but my brain is throwing so much information at me. Maybe I’ll just scribble anything and turn this into a mosaic of thoughts.

So where do I start? This blog primarily exists to motivate me to write, help me to focus on channelling a myriad of thoughts down a literary funnel, through the tiny tip of my pen. Whereas I sometimes type directly on my PC, most times, I’m more comfortable with feeling the movement of my pen across my notebook, starting articles with just a title, and letting my brain guide me without direction to the concluding paragraph. So much has happened recently in the world I see. Since I’ve already started this article, I may as well see it to conclusion.

Last week Friday, the 23rd, just ten days off from the famous Friday the 13th, the long-awaited British referendum was held. “Brexit” lived up to its name, as the British voted to leave the European Union. Maybe the debate should have been christened “Bredecide” or “Brecide”. That way, the 52% who voted to leave may not have heard “exit” each time the referendum was being debated. Anyways, no need to cry over spilt milk. The Brits have made their choice. Though, this being like a divorce process, they’ve simply filed notice of their intention to divorce the EU. What follows next is a long process of negotiations that we hope would not be as acrimonious as many contemporary divorces. In the meantime, global markets need drugs for hypertension, before the economic uncertainties from Brexit kills someone.

Before Brexit, America was in the news for the upcoming Trump-Clinton lovefest, and three sad incidents in Orlando, Florida. From the shooting of a celebrity after an event, to the sorry death of a kid at a zoo, to the despicable murder of about 49 persons at a gay club, Orlando stayed in the centre stage of the media’s lens. The three unfortunate incidents were largely preventable, and have led to certain fallouts. The child’s death has triggered a discussion about zoo security, and the role of parents in keeping their kids safe. The other gun-aided murders have reignited the US’ debate about gun control, leading to an internet streamed drama by house reps from the democrats’ side. Although, with Nigeria’s seemingly porous security, I sometimes wish Nigerian citizens have an easier path to legal gun-ownership, the American system needs some curbs. That’s all I’ll say.

Coming to Nigeria, it’s now a week since the CBN finally used economic sense to float the ₦aira. It’s too early to say much about the new flexible regime, so we’ll keep looking. Last Sunday, my president returned to Nigeria after his vacation that was not for medical treatment. Although we believe his spokesman that he did not go for treatment, we hope that his ears are now strong enough to withstand the pressure of over a hundred million screams.

Still on Nigeria, the economy continues to wobble. Nigerians don’t need economists to explain the concept of inflation. To the average Nigerian, inflation “na when price of garri just dey go up”. Whether it’s garri, rice, petrol, kerosene, or any other item common to most Nigerians, the pinch is real. While Nigerians continue feeling increasing levels of pain from the economic pinch, Buhari, Saraki, Ekweremadu, and other political heavyweights continue their reckless fight, as we also dream for the public presentation of Buhari’s certificate.

It’s better I stop here before this blog gets me into trouble. My career is just starting. A visit from the DSS, EFCC, or ABC would be worse than a visit by the “people from my village”. Since my brain finally brought me to this concluding paragraph, let me call it a day. Tomorrow I’ll try again. Maybe then I’ll have something better to write.

PS. If you don’t know what “garri” is, and you stay in Nigeria, enter any market and ask for “granulated cassava flakes”.

Image Credit: colourbox.com

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