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When Chinatown Lacks Chinese

Imagine walking into a place called Chinatown and needing a thick bifocal to see any person of Chinese descent. Except that town were Lilliputian in dimensions, while you were Brobdingnagian, it would be extremely weird, and you would be forgiven for thinking that being all righteous, the Chinese had been raptured. This seemingly implausible situation is currently playing out in Nigeria, where the Naira, the national currency, now competes with petrol in the Scarcity Championships.

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​Losers and Fraudulent Nairas

With the exception of societies that thrive on depravity, many “normal” societies try to enforce some form of ethical codes. These societies do not only put behavioural rules for their people; they put in place environments that engender such desired behaviour. Coming to the Nigerian society, we mouth mantras about good behaviour, but then go to great lengths to create an environment where defrauding one another seems best for business.  Continue reading “​Losers and Fraudulent Nairas”


Just One of Those Days

Last night, after resting from the day’s church activities, I decided to write something—anything. Alas, my filled stomach conspired with the cool weather from the evening’s light rain to ensure that I drifted to sleep. This morning, I’ve once again picked my pen to write, but my brain is throwing so much information at me. Maybe I’ll just scribble anything and turn this into a mosaic of thoughts. Continue reading “Just One of Those Days”


Simply #BuyNaijaToGrowNaira?

When faced with a problem, the human mind is designed to analyze the problem, think of a possible solution, and implement such solution. While this approach works most times, sometimes, the complexity of a challenge creates a scenario where no simplistic solution exists. Rather, an effective solution considers the links between all the factors at play, and is at best, a line-of-best-fit. The Nigerian economy faces such a complex challenge; there is no simple solution—not even the patriotic purchase of local products. Continue reading “Simply #BuyNaijaToGrowNaira?”