Counting the Cost of Lagos Traffic

Having to catch a first flight out of Lagos, I had to hit the road by 5am to ensure I got to the airport in time to avoid hearing stories that touch the heart. As the cab driver got on the expressway, I could not help but notice that the roads were already busy at that time. While the driver and I discussed about the traffic situation, I thought about my experience spending unnecessary time commuting to and from work. Luckily, I do not need to leave for work at 5am each day; however, for many Lagosians, leaving after 5am increases their odds of getting to work late.  

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Simply #BuyNaijaToGrowNaira?

When faced with a problem, the human mind is designed to analyze the problem, think of a possible solution, and implement such solution. While this approach works most times, sometimes, the complexity of a challenge creates a scenario where no simplistic solution exists. Rather, an effective solution considers the links between all the factors at play, and is at best, a line-of-best-fit. The Nigerian economy faces such a complex challenge; there is no simple solution—not even the patriotic purchase of local products. Continue reading “Simply #BuyNaijaToGrowNaira?”


May We Finally See

Nigerians started the year 2012 with a rude gift from the federal government. The President Jonathan-led administration had abolished the regime of petroleum subsidies, triggering a huge leap in pump prices. What followed was a series of protests that finally forced the government to backtrack, howbeit, not completely. The events of Jonathan’s final week in government show that despite the arguments and reservations about the subsidy policy, one thing is certain—it is not helping Nigerians. Continue reading “May We Finally See”