₦40 per Litre: Local Refining to Save Nigeria

During the campaign season for the 2015 General Elections, someone claimed that petrol subsidy was a lie as petrol ought to cost around ₦40 per litre. Today, with the official price at ₦165, many Nigerians continue to hope for local refineries to achieve the promised low price … More ₦40 per Litre: Local Refining to Save Nigeria

There Was a Subsidy

The Nigerian political sphere is characterized by intrigues and bizarre plots. In most of these political plots, the plight of the common Nigerian is hardly considered. It’s all about politics. One man removed petroleum subsidy, and fled back after intense opposition. Another claimed subsidy did not exist, yet paid huge sums as subsidy. Mr. Thomas … More There Was a Subsidy

May We Finally See

Nigerians started the year 2012 with a rude gift from the federal government. The President Jonathan-led administration had abolished the regime of petroleum subsidies, triggering a huge leap in pump prices. What followed was a series of protests that finally forced the government to backtrack, howbeit, not completely. The events of Jonathan’s final week in … More May We Finally See