#EndSARS: A Nation in Need of Healing

In two weeks, Nigerians have witnessed peaceful protests transform into bloody riots; causing fresh emotional, physical and economic wounds, and reopening old wounds that have failed to heal. Would we change course towards true healing, or would we continue until all hell breaks loose? … More #EndSARS: A Nation in Need of Healing

There Was a Subsidy

The Nigerian political sphere is characterized by intrigues and bizarre plots. In most of these political plots, the plight of the common Nigerian is hardly considered. It’s all about politics. One man removed petroleum subsidy, and fled back after intense opposition. Another claimed subsidy did not exist, yet paid huge sums as subsidy. Mr. Thomas … More There Was a Subsidy

The Education of Zombies

In “The Zombie Survival Guide”, Max Brooks wrote, “Often a school is your best bet—perhaps not for education but certainly for protection from an undead attack”. Whereas some readers would interpret this as meaning schools are sanctuaries, safe from zombies, I see a different picture. Brook’s assertion is very true, especially with regards to Nigerian … More The Education of Zombies