Of Scams that Seek the Unemployed

I once read a tweet that angrily demanded that the worst spaces in hell be reserved for those who fart in airplanes at high altitudes. If someone could be so disgusted about a natural phenomenon, imagine the anger when you see people prey on persons seeking jobs to earn a living. In a country with high unemployment levels, many persons are desperately seeking employment opportunities. Sadly, many fall prey to crooks whose job is to scam the jobless. The scammed are even the fortunate ones; some applicants are robbed, beaten, raped, or even killed.

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Nigeria and the Culture of Domestic Servitude

Lucius Seneca’s assertion that “All cruelty springs from weakness” may seem true and untrue at the same time. On one hand, we may be inclined to accept the quote if the “weakness” is physical or intellectual, and so leads to overcompensation. “Weakness” in terms of “weak morality” may also count. However, how would Seneca’s quote hold water if the oppressor is neither physically nor intellectually weak, and even moves with an air of moral superiority? This is the state in which a good number of Nigerians find themselves.  Continue reading “Nigeria and the Culture of Domestic Servitude”


Petrol Subsidy: Before We Strike

For decades, organized labour has served as a bulwark for the common person. Labour unions via friendly negotiations and unfriendly negotiations forced by strike threats and actual strikes have changed government position one time too many. However, that an entity is called a labour union does not mean that every decision would ultimately benefit the masses. Here is a situation where I think Nigeria’s organized labour is making a mistake. Continue reading “Petrol Subsidy: Before We Strike”

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There Was a Subsidy

The Nigerian political sphere is characterized by intrigues and bizarre plots. In most of these political plots, the plight of the common Nigerian is hardly considered. It’s all about politics. One man removed petroleum subsidy, and fled back after intense opposition. Another claimed subsidy did not exist, yet paid huge sums as subsidy. Mr. Thomas has now seen the light. He now agrees that there was a subsidy. Continue reading “There Was a Subsidy”