Of Scams that Seek the Unemployed

I once read a tweet that angrily demanded that the worst spaces in hell be reserved for those who fart in airplanes at high altitudes. If someone could be so disgusted about a natural phenomenon, imagine the anger when you see people prey on persons seeking jobs to earn a living. In a country with high unemployment levels, many persons are desperately seeking employment opportunities. Sadly, many fall prey to crooks whose job is to scam the jobless. The scammed are even the fortunate ones; some applicants are robbed, beaten, raped, or even killed.

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South Africa’s Sad Export

The past week has added more entries to the infamous gallery of human injustices resulting from perceived grievances. In what appears to be a spontaneous reaction, irate mobs in South Africa turned their ill-advised fury to foreigners in that country. This is similar to the time when Jews were blamed for the bubonic plague, illustrating a common human trait of blaming others for problems. Continue reading “South Africa’s Sad Export”