#EndSARS: A Nation in Need of Healing

In two weeks, Nigerians have witnessed peaceful protests transform into bloody riots; causing fresh emotional, physical and economic wounds, and reopening old wounds that have failed to heal. Would we change course towards true healing, or would we continue until all hell breaks loose? … More #EndSARS: A Nation in Need of Healing

#FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

Over the years, some incidents in Nigeria have tried to portray it as a theatre of the absurd. Periodically, news reports spring up, bewildering many Nigerians who wonder if the main characters lack commonsense, and the decency to save Nigerians the shame of watching foolish dramas. The #FreeEse incident is a quintessential example of a … More #FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

Justice for Sale

A man is in jail for the heinous crime of disputing land with someone having more money and connections than he does. Like him, many prisoners groan under phoney charges by the police ably assisted by the judicial system. They seek justice, which eludes them because in Nigeria, justice is for sale and usually goes … More Justice for Sale