Of A General, His Colonel, and Justice

Dasuki’s release on bail after four years of confinement raises questions about the rule of law in Nigeria, considerations for justice and national security, and the need for robust institutions to limit misuse of public funds … More Of A General, His Colonel, and Justice

#FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

Over the years, some incidents in Nigeria have tried to portray it as a theatre of the absurd. Periodically, news reports spring up, bewildering many Nigerians who wonder if the main characters lack commonsense, and the decency to save Nigerians the shame of watching foolish dramas. The #FreeEse incident is a quintessential example of a … More #FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

The Third Leg is Broken

When two elephants fight, the grasses suffer. This statement could not have been truer in Rivers State. The judicial system in the state has been in a lockdown for some months now, all because of the combination of ego, selfishness, disregard and unrestrained clash of personal interests.