#FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

Over the years, some incidents in Nigeria have tried to portray it as a theatre of the absurd. Periodically, news reports spring up, bewildering many Nigerians who wonder if the main characters lack commonsense, and the decency to save Nigerians the shame of watching foolish dramas. The #FreeEse incident is a quintessential example of a … More #FreeEse: When The Constitution Is Not Supreme

Culture-Veiled Mistakes

Malcolm Gladwell in his book, “Outliers”, examined the effects of culture and environment on individuals’ actions, responses, thoughts and mannerisms. He showed that even seemingly mundane matters are influenced by these two factors. In the little time spent in different parts of Nigeria, I have seen that the way mistakes are viewed and handled leans … More Culture-Veiled Mistakes

The Rightness of Name Calling

Last week, while many Nigerians continued in the struggles of this economic era, the Nigerian internet alley went agog with reactions to an article by The Economist. The reputable magazine had referred to former President, Goodluck Jonathan, as “an ineffectual buffoon”. This name-calling set the stage for the week’s fireworks.