When a Right-of-Way Becomes No Man’s Land

Why would anyone build a house, church, market, or even a petrol station above a high-pressure gas pipeline? Even when there are clear warning signs to stay away, we seem to believe that such signs are merely artistic sophistry, not to be obeyed. … More When a Right-of-Way Becomes No Man’s Land

LOOTing to Stay Safe

Assuming you came expecting some grand pontification on the egregious tradition of looting public funds, let me extend an apology for the unexpected deception. This is an article about staying safe at work. Now that I have been forgiven, I hope you would learn a thing or two from the following paragraphs.

In Pursuit of Safety

When we hear the word “safety”, what comes to mind are the things we ought to do to “stay out of trouble”. In the civilized world of engineering, safety is a very serious concept, so serious that it has produced a burgeoning set of rules, regulations and standards, inside a billion-dollar industry populated by safety … More In Pursuit of Safety