When a Right-of-Way Becomes No Man’s Land

There are a lot of things that happen in Nigeria, that if this were the proverbial saner climes, we would be debating whether to commit people to a sanatorium or a penitentiary. Or, if we wanted to spice things up a bit, we would haggle over how many neck-ward strokes with a USB cord would suffice. But before you accuse me of brutal intent, can we explain why anyone is building a petrol station above a high-pressure gas pipeline when suicide is still illegal in Nigeria?

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Only One Earth: To Protect or Not

“In some cases, in order to protect global issues, some sacrifice for national interest is worth it in the long run”

Dalai Lama

For this year’s World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) chose to repeat an instructive theme first used five decades ago. “Only One Earth” reinforces the message that we need to protect the earth because it is the only liveable planet we currently have. In light of this, the Dalai Lama’s quote above would appear germane, especially as it was made in reference to climate issues. However, recent developments worsened by the Russo-Ukrainian war makes one wonder if the main proponents of the fight against climate change really have their mouths where their heart is.

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Electricity, Gas & Kerosene: Which is Cheaper?

Have you ever wondered whether to boil water using an electric kettle or to use cooking gas? Or maybe you currently use kerosene and wonder what the hype is about gas. My wife and I routinely debated our home’s energy cost with regards to different energy sources, so I decided to do an empiric comparison. Maybe someone else could use this to settle their own debates.

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