Nigeria is Better than America

Prologue: There is a message purportedly written by a Nigerian living in the US, that is being shared across WhatsApp groups. The following is a response to the points raised by the purported author.
It is adapted from a reply I posted when the message was forwarded to one group where I belong.
Note: My responses are italicised, and preceded by “Response”. The original message (by the American resident) has not been changed in any way.

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Much Ado About Seat Belts

I have had this article on my mind for a while but I just never came around to composing my thoughts until now. In checking for a quote to launch this article, I came across one attributed to Plato, which I think captures my aim for this article.

“No law or ordinance is mightier than understanding”

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Nigeria’s Best Budget Ever

In the United States, for the last couple of years, the executive and congress have enjoyed recurrent squabbles over the national budget. With a large deficit, and a worrying debt ceiling, the gladiators provide the media with enough drama for public discourse. Here in Nigeria, as fast copiers of the US system, we have just copied the drama, and raised its intensity. With its many twists and tragicomedies, the 2016 budget is obviously the best in Nigeria’s short history. Continue reading “Nigeria’s Best Budget Ever”

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The New Face of Sycophancy

When Tomichan Matheikal said, “History is replete with blunders written by sycophants”, he must have had Nigeria in mind. A school of thought argues that history always repeats itself. Truly, the Nigerian political sphere is a prime example of efficient recycling—there is nothing new under the sun. Continue reading “The New Face of Sycophancy”