MMM for Life: An Outsider’s View of Nigeria’s Fastest Growing Fad

This article is one result of not having lectures throughout an entire week. Maybe if my university’s authorities had fixed classes every single day, I would be worried about not collapsing, and won’t have time to dabble into popular issues in Nigeria. Now that you know what led to this article, let me say that I would try to be as objective as practicable in the adjoining lines. Unlike the biased Central Bank of Nigeria, and the extremists at the other end of the spectrum, here’s a projection of MMM’s viability by a not-too-biased sceptic. Read on and decide for yourself. Continue reading “MMM for Life: An Outsider’s View of Nigeria’s Fastest Growing Fad”


In Pursuit of Safety

When we hear the word “safety”, what comes to mind are the things we ought to do to “stay out of trouble”. In the civilized world of engineering, safety is a very serious concept, so serious that it has produced a burgeoning set of rules, regulations and standards, inside a billion-dollar industry populated by safety experts. However, many persons and organisations in Nigeria are yet to imbibe safety consciousness into their psyche. Continue reading “In Pursuit of Safety”