Yet another Road Trip – Part 2

From Abuja, I headed to Keffi in Nasarawa State, hoping to reach Kaduna State via that route. Reaching Keffi just before 9pm, I considered staying there for the night, but decided to move on. Locating an Akwanga-bound vehicle, I sat in harmattan breeze-tempered amazement for the approximately one-hour journey to Nasarawa’s northern border.

Justice for Sale

A man is in jail for the heinous crime of disputing land with someone having more money and connections than he does. Like him, many prisoners groan under phoney charges by the police ably assisted by the judicial system. They seek justice, which eludes them because in Nigeria, justice is for sale and usually goes … More Justice for Sale

The Third Leg is Broken

When two elephants fight, the grasses suffer. This statement could not have been truer in Rivers State. The judicial system in the state has been in a lockdown for some months now, all because of the combination of ego, selfishness, disregard and unrestrained clash of personal interests.