America: A Tale of Two Conspiracists

One of the most popular retellings of Jesus’s ministry is his encounter with the adulterous woman and a band of sanctimonious accusers. In that event, although wrapped in a cloak of love, Jesus rightly showed his disdain for sin, but made it clear that the accusers lacked moral standing against the accused. In today’s article, let me stand in for Jesus, with the penitent woman represented (poorly) by the unrepentant Trump, while the righteous accusers be played by the political Left.

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America: Land of the Left and Home of the Right

Want to read this article? Let me first warn you that it is more of a rambling, much of which may or may not be exactly valid. In most of my articles, I try to really understand the concerned issue, but in this one, I seem content with writing from limited knowledge. So, I must warn you that this is a criticism of the US judicial system written by an ignorant non-American engineering grad.  Continue reading “America: Land of the Left and Home of the Right”


American Democracy: Are the Mighty Fallen?

This is one of those times when you feel something does not concern you, but closer look discredits that feeling, as you realise you are very much concerned. If America were to be a project, it would be right to say that everyone on earth, American or non-American, is a stakeholder in Project America. As stakeholders, even if we may not have the high impact of American citizens, our interest makes it allowable to speak on issues affecting what is inarguably the greatest nation on earth. Continue reading “American Democracy: Are the Mighty Fallen?”

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Voting for the World’s Next President

“You can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else”. This quote by the UK’s Winston Churchill kicks off what is my first, and hopefully, only, article dedicated to the election of the United States’ 45th president. If you’re reading this article, and you don’t know that today, 8 November 2016, is the grand finale of the US presidential election season, on behalf of fellow earthlings, I accept your renouncement of your membership of the earth. In essence, even the virgin snow in Antarctica knows that today is all about America. Continue reading “Voting for the World’s Next President”

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#BlackLivesMatter: Ending the Loop

In the 1960s, Martin Luther King and other civil rights activists led the charge for the right of black Americans to be treated as human beings. Their efforts would later pave the way for the erudite Barack Obama to ascend the US presidency. Fifty years after MLK, “Americans of colour” are still fighting to stay alive. Maybe this is a clear case of discrimination, or maybe the issues are more intertwined than is being accepted.  Continue reading “#BlackLivesMatter: Ending the Loop”


Just One of Those Days

Last night, after resting from the day’s church activities, I decided to write something—anything. Alas, my filled stomach conspired with the cool weather from the evening’s light rain to ensure that I drifted to sleep. This morning, I’ve once again picked my pen to write, but my brain is throwing so much information at me. Maybe I’ll just scribble anything and turn this into a mosaic of thoughts. Continue reading “Just One of Those Days”


Rampage: A String of Needless Killings

The small town of Roanoke, somewhere in the US state of Virginia has suddenly had its low-key image forcibly shattered. When its better-known neighbour, Blacksburg, home of Virginia Tech, was shoved into the spotlight by a lethal murder-suicide in 2007, Roanoke had no inkling that it would one day face the same reckless fury. On Wednesday, 26 August, a gunman gave TV viewers a gross spectacle—live killing on television. Sadly, public shootings have become synonymous with gun-toting Americans. Continue reading “Rampage: A String of Needless Killings”