America: A Tale of Two Conspiracists

One of the most popular retellings of Jesus’s ministry is his encounter with the adulterous woman and a band of sanctimonious accusers. In that event, although wrapped in a cloak of love, Jesus rightly showed his disdain for sin, but made it clear that the accusers lacked moral standing against the accused. In today’s article, let me stand in for Jesus, with the penitent woman represented (poorly) by the unrepentant Trump, while the righteous accusers be played by the political Left.

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Of Ebola and Ridiculous Theories

With almost eight thousand persons infected, and about half that number of lives lost, the world is grappling with one of the most devastating diseases ever suffered by humanity. In the midst of this healthcare crisis, with calls for massive public enlightenment in order to help fight the scourge, some individuals have signed up with a disingenuous tool—propagating ridiculous conspiracy theories. Continue reading “Of Ebola and Ridiculous Theories”