America: A Tale of Two Conspiracists

One of the most popular retellings of Jesus’s ministry is his encounter with the adulterous woman and a band of sanctimonious accusers. In that event, although wrapped in a cloak of love, Jesus rightly showed his disdain for sin, but made it clear that the accusers lacked moral standing against the accused. In today’s article, let me stand in for Jesus, with the penitent woman represented (poorly) by the unrepentant Trump, while the righteous accusers be played by the political Left.

Amidst the COVID-19 scare, Americans cast their ballots to decide who would control the White House from 20 January 2021 to 20 January 2025. After a gruelling electioneering season filled with enough bile to burst a healthy liver, many persons thought the elections would be the grand finale. However, this was not to be. The incumbent, President Donald Trump, swore to all and mighty, including angels from Africa, that the election had been stolen from him by former Vice President Joe Biden and his ensemble cast of leftist power brokers. Sadly, Trump was not the only one to believe the rigging conspiracy. A sizable proportion of the American population, maybe due to ignorance, self-delusion, or genuine folly, disbelieve that Biden is the valid President-Elect, and this led to the infamous Capitol riot on 6 January 2021.

Is Trump irresponsible for continuously pushing out unproven claims of widespread fraud? For me, I would say he’s something worse than irresponsible. Even if we were to assume, without conceding, that the elections were fraudulent, I would have expected Trump to see his country’s unity and stability as more important than his political aspirations. Instead, he chose to act like a petulant 76-year-old African “democratic” dictator furiously duelling for a sixth term in office. But before we fully crucify Trump, let’s take a step back.

In 2016, businessman Donald J Trump was surprisingly elected as the 45th president of the United States of America. Many persons could not believe that the loquacious, “foul-mouthed” Trump had edged the polished Hillary Clinton. Although Clinton formally conceded the election, the Democratic Party and her did nothing to cut off swelling opposition to Trump’s ascendancy of the US Presidency. Although it is true that Trump did not win the “popular vote”, the rules by which Trump and Clinton played stipulated winning the electoral college votes as the yardstick for deciding the next president. The Democrats supported conspiracy theories that claimed Russia won the election for Trump. Even on the day of Trump’s inauguration, groups aligned with the Democrats held protest rallies denouncing Trump as “Not My President”. Almost throughout Trump’s stay in office, the Democratic leadership, despite lacking credible evidence, continued to support and publicise conspiracy theories alleging that Trump was not validly elected.

In today’s world, one set of conspiracy theories are feigning righteous indignation and accusing another set of spreading conspiracy theories. It is irrelevant whether people have died in this case or government buildings have been attacked. The fact remains that both parties are unrepentantly supportive of baseless conspiracy theories whenever it suits their political objectives. For them, it is all about acquiring political and economic power. Nothing else matters; not even the desecration of their national institutions.

I would love to see America get its act together. There is a massive chasm cutting right through their citizenry, and if they do not find a way to mend fences and broken hearts, the potential for balkanisation could make some pundits’ views of a crumbling empire become as self-fulfilling prophecy. As a Nigerian / African, even if I accept that Americans are hypocrites like the rest of us, I would want to have a symbolic “good country” that can be cited to shame the shameless power-drunk crooks we have across Africa.

Returning to Jesus and the formerly adulterous woman, I hope the two conspiracists would reflect deeply and accept the Messiah’s admonition to “go and sin no more”. Let those that think they stand, take heed, lest they fall and be forced to dance naked in the market square.

Image Credit: behaviorist.biz

1 thought on “America: A Tale of Two Conspiracists”

  1. I rushed to see this, Jonah and I was not in any way disappointed. I have also felt that way: the democratic party were not graceful when last they lost and they first made me question and for the first time, the credibility of the American Election. More Grace Bro.


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