Counting the Cost of Lagos Traffic

Having to catch a first flight out of Lagos, I had to hit the road by 5am to ensure I got to the airport in time to avoid hearing stories that touch the heart. As the cab driver got on the expressway, I could not help but notice that the roads were already busy at that time. While the driver and I discussed about the traffic situation, I thought about my experience spending unnecessary time commuting to and from work. Luckily, I do not need to leave for work at 5am each day; however, for many Lagosians, leaving after 5am increases their odds of getting to work late.  

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In Contempt of Stomach Infrastructure

This morning I picked my notebook, waiting for inspiration that would move the pen in my hand along the lines of the blank page staring at me. Inspiration did come, but from a different source. It came from the recesses of my stomach—a growling that dared me to disobey. Continue reading “In Contempt of Stomach Infrastructure”