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The Societal Imperative

While reading The Real Warren Buffet by James O’Loughlin, I encountered the concept of the “institutional imperative” as espoused by Warren Buffet. Contained in one of Buffet’s shareholders’ letter, he defined the concept as “the tendency of executives to mindlessly imitate the behaviour of their peers, no matter how foolish it may be to do so”. Months after reading that particular section, I encountered a scene that made me recall Buffet’s words.  Continue reading “The Societal Imperative”

Change, Politics

Change or Continuity?

Many persons who see the title of this article would quickly assume that the article is about the two main contending parties in Nigeria—the PDP and the APC. I am too happy to burst many persons’ bubbles. This article is not about the campaign slogan of any political party. Rather, it is about the glaring culture of the Nigerian people.  Continue reading “Change or Continuity?”