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A Time for Nigerians

The wedding invitation says the service would start at 10:00am prompt. You get there by 09:50; the church doors are locked. You wonder if you have missed the directions. The church doors are opened at 10:01. People start trickling in by 11:05, the service starts by 11:20, and the bride waltzes in at 11:40. Don’t look surprised. Welcome to Nigeria! Continue reading “A Time for Nigerians”

The Right Time Is NOW

How often we limit ourselves and miss out on great opportunities because we patiently seek the “right time”? Many have lost business deals because they felt if they just waited a lil’ bit longer, they would have a more favourable investment climate; all in the pursuit of that eye-popping return. Despite all the wait, the perfect conditions never seem to come into being for them.  Continue reading “The Right Time Is NOW”