Ibosa—that’s welcome in my native language.

Welcome to Jilomes’ Blog, a repository of the musings of my mind. I’ve wanted to start a personal blog for some time but I kept pushing the idea away. For one, this generation has been credited with being overtly narcissistic and I didn’t want to get counted in the number (ignore that I have an actively updated Facebook account). I guess the excuse about not being narcissistic could be tagged as being hypocritical. Posting pictures regularly to Facebook and keeping everyone (called “Friends”) updated about my life’s events is okay but running a personal blog isn’t. There’s definitely something wrong with that statement, even if I consider that a blog would be a lot more public.

Thoughts about the possibility of my posts coming to haunt me sometime, somewhere in the future had also kept me from starting this blog. But I’ve realized that I don’t have to waste the present worrying about the future. The future would definitely take care of itself, and as long as my writings are guided by principles that do not change, then I shouldn’t have any cause for alarm.

So this is it. This is my blog. I’ll write on anything that catches my fancy; the world as I see it. I expect my first couple of posts to be below par. But in the spirit of continuous improvement; with each post and feedback from readers (hopefully Google’s robots won’t be the only readers), my writing would get better.

I live to excel

I am Jilomes

Let me know what you think

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