Road-ly Knowledge

When you school in one region of Nigeria, and live in another region, the lovable Nigerian roads become your close friends (that’s except you’ve got the cash to fly each time). For me, East-West Road and Benin-Ore Expressway, the two longest roads in my route have attained a higher lovability status. 

For one, the roads have surely become better over the past couple of years. I’m sure road users are fairly happy with the government and whoever else has played a role in reducing the probability of having fatal accidents and delayed journeys from punctured tyres (only God knows how much has been stolen in the process of improving the roads). Except for the large trucks that seem to have a penchant for tipping over on the roads, forcing 120 km/hr to turn to 40 km/hr, the roads (at least in my route) are in better shape compared to a few years back when we frequently spent hours trapped in hold-ups.

It’s on those two roads that I discovered my new popular pastime while travelling—talking, barely taking the lead ahead of sleeping (every traveler’s best pastime). Road talk has been exacerbated by the coincidental fact that I’ve had women seating next to me for my most recent journeys.

Some spend the travelling time “toasting” a lady, unfortunately (or rather, fortunately) I’ve not had that privilege. The women seating next to me always turn out to be mother figures, so it’s a knowledge fiesta on the road. It’s really nice being able to learn a thing or too, while zooming on the roads at speeds surely exceeding official limits (FRSC stay off!).


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