Road-ly Knowledge [Part 2]

Have you read the first part?

So, talk we talk, deftly moving from one subject to the other. From politics to religion to the economy—no holds barred—all the while watching as the driver meanders along the road. Meters quickly become kilometers, the roads witnessing an increase in our knowledge bank. 

In my last trip to Lagos, I sat beside a certain Mrs. Amachree. The 50+ old lady was sure a trove of knowledge. We discussed male chauvinism, corruption, civic education, parental example, child training, uneducated military rulers, the importance of starting small, Nigerian embassies doing unpublicized work, the Ebola situation and lots more. The guy-in me was surprised to see a lady -buy TWO newspapers and a gossip magazine, a sure testament to her appetite for reading. I was used to ladies clutching romance novels and similar genre, not “boring” newspapers.

While we were sharing experiences, the rest of the passengers were engaged in conversations of their own. Obviously, when not sleeping, the need for conversation becomes a priority for most passengers (who wants to end up with a “smelling mouth”). The driver couldn’t be left out of the cacophony of sounds as he ensured everyone heard the misdeeds (proven and unproven) of our politicians being broadcast via the bus’ speakers. I found it amusing that he would part with his money to buy a music CD containing pure unbridled vitriol. It’s a good thing Monsieur GEJ doesn’t travel by bus. He sure would’ve come across such loving melodies.

Finally, I got to my bus stop. Felt a bit uneasy about leaving my “friend of a few hours” whose destination was still farther away. I came down with my newly-gained knowledge and enough motivation to want to change Nigeria at that very instant. Looking forward to my next road trip and the knowledge that awaits me.

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