In Memory of Eleven Million Missing Nigerians

In the Bible, Jesus gave a parable about a person who lost one sheep out of a hundred. This person could not accept the loss of even one sheep—one percent of his sheep. He went out to find it, and rejoiced at its discovery. This parable tallies with the “no one left behind” policy of … More In Memory of Eleven Million Missing Nigerians

10 Hours to Failure

“Uncle, I use (sic) to sleep from 7 o’clock to 5 o’clock”. As the young student uttered this statement, I looked aghast at her. Good sleep is important for proper development and good health, but sleeping for ten hours tells a lot about one’s priorities.

Sins of a Teacher

The life of a teacher is quite rosy. Maybe it’s not, but that’s the idea I had about teachers. What do teachers even do? Come into a class, act like the know-it-all, dish out notes, classwork and assignments. Now that I’m wearing a teacher’s shoes, I see that there’s more than meets the eyes.

Shallow Foundations

In the world of construction, the role of good foundations in ensuring the stability of buildings and other structures has never been over-emphasized. Many buildings have collapsed because of foundations that could not bear the load placed on them. This article is not about engineering construction. Rather, it highlights a problem bedevilling the Nigerian educational … More Shallow Foundations