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The Blindside Called State Budgets

The Blindside Called State Budgets

“No man is wise at all times, or is without his blind side”

Desiderius Erasmus

The quote by Desiderius sets the stage for an article that has been on my mind for quite a while. The first time I came across the word “blindside”, it was used in the context of a sports game where players may focus so much on a certain opposing team’s key player and in trying to prevent that person from scoring, they inadvertently leave their flanks unattended for another opposition player to exploit, sometimes, resulting in catastrophic loses. Looking at the political system, we can see this analogy play out so well in the way Nigerians focus all their energy on the Federal Government.

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Nigeria’s Information Age

In a country where access to government data was once the exclusive preserve of a connected few, the tides have started to change. In recent years, new government policies and agitations by civil society groups have expanded the range of data available to the public. The issue right now is whether Nigerians are willing and ready to use the available tools to hold their government accountable. Continue reading “Nigeria’s Information Age”