Church People and Tax

It’s not every time that you walk through the doors of a Church, expecting to hear a sermon on taxation. The odds are really stacked against that occurrence. We expect the Church to dish out sermons on moral instruction (and its siblings), but, who said talking about taxation is not a form of moral instruction.

A Time for Thanksgiving

In Church yesterday, the sermon was on “Thanksgiving”. I have listened to quite a number of gratitude-themed messages, but I could not help but think about the pastor’s words. One thing I have learnt and that fascinates me about God’s Word, is its ability to appear fresh every time.

Sunday Recap

Sunday! The day of the week when majority of those who profess to be Christians turn up in Churches for Service or Mass or whatever appropriate appellation. For some, it’s a really sober day, filled with “God bless you brother (or sister)”. For some others, it’s sober plus fun, and yet for some, it’s just … More Sunday Recap