Sunday Recap

Sunday! The day of the week when majority of those who profess to be Christians turn up in Churches for Service or Mass or whatever appropriate appellation.
For some, it’s a really sober day, filled with “God bless you brother (or sister)”. For some others, it’s sober plus fun, and yet for some, it’s just about fun—God’s still working on drawing them to himself. Whichever, whether today was a day of soul-lifting fellowship, or a day to show off the newest attire, or whatever else, thank God it’s Sunday!
Starting from today, I’ll post a brief summary of the things I learn in Church each week. Every day, while we fellowship with God, alone or in the midst of other believers, God speaks to us, all in the process of transforming our lives, making us more like Christ, as carriers of his glory and demonstrators of his amazing love.
Enough of the primer. Here’s today’s recap.
The sermon was titled “Understanding the Wonders of Godliness”. Godliness is something this world really needs, in the midst of rapidly increasing immorality and wickedness. The example of the three Hebrew youths in the Book of Daniel was cited to show how godliness can enable one to triumph in the midst of any challenge. Evil doers may appear to be ahead but in the end, the righteous would emerge victorious.
Godliness is a decision. It implies living righteously, manifesting the nature of God. That nature would be seen by people around you. They’ll see that you diligently serve God, by the words you speak and the way you act. Many persons claim to be Christians, but their lives do not show Christ in any way.
Being Godly comes at a price. That’s why it’s a decision that has to be diligently followed. The world has no interest in “Christians with their anachronistic morals”. So anyone willing to live a Godly life has to be ready to face persecution from those opposed to this lifestyle. But you can be certain that the One in you is greater than whatever is out there and your victory is certain.
Godliness implies a life above sin. Jesus advised us to watch and pray so we don’t get swallowed by temptation. Watch your words, actions, conduct, and thoughts. Above all, the scriptures are a guide to see us through a victorious life.
Here’s to a week of God’s favour. Dwell in God’s presence 24/7.
Have a great week.

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